Superfood style


Superfood is not just food. Superfood is a way of conceiving everyday’s life. Those who take care of their wellness need to nourish their senses, without exception. Therefore it is important, especially in a high quality field, to be able to present the products in the most suggestive and effective way possible. The guests of every structure, when faced with the kit especially designed for Superfood, will immediately immerse themselves in the world of wellness and naturalness. They will perceive a very high level of attention towards them.

The kit is a miscellaneous of forms and customary and new objects. Seeds and dehydrated fruit are kept inside classical glass jars for preserves. Practical, essential, they immediately recall tradition and its relationship with nature. The jars, in turn, are organized and exposed on staircase-shaped counter displays with a simple yet elegant style, made of cardboard or wood. You can equip each display with two to six jars, according to the structure’s needs and spaces. The communication, starting from the displays’ surfaces to the containers’ tags, is written both in Italian and English.