How the idea is born

is born

Having breakfast is a way of taking care of yourself. One of the most important ways, for everyone, since it’s the first thought and the first action of the day. Mr. Breakfast knows it, and works everyday to offer to its customers new ideas and solutions to prepare breakfasts which are always more and more inspired by a concept of healthy nutrition and oriented towards the person’s wellness.

Natural products, not much elaborate, rich in nourishments able to stimulate the body’s virtuous functionality. Superfood is moving along the most forefront boundary in the nutrition area. Dehydrated fruit on one hand, seeds on the other, represent the ideal way to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal. You can try them alone or combine them with yogurt or milk. Their mineral salts, their vitamins and their ‘good fats’, the ones who fight the cholesterol’s accumulation, make them a food of excellence. That’s why more and more women and more and more men, all around the world, decide to start a new day eating seeds and dehydrated and dry fruit. That’s why Mr. Breakfast designed the Superfood, a range of products that meets the needs of a lifestyle devoted to the maximum wellness of your body.